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October 1st, 2009

20080712_Yogathon_152Are you a business owner in Vancouver? On October 6th come celebrate the launch of LoCo BC, a new business network striving to create a diverse, vibrant local economy by strengthening small and mid-sized businesses, connecting and having fun in the process. The goal is to educate consumers and businesses about why it’s important to buy products and services from locally-owned companies whenever possible.

There are only 7 spots left so be quick about it. It’s only $20 BTW. You can learn more about this event and buy your tickets here.

This event is called Harnessing the Power of Local: Positioning Your Business to Thrive in a Shaky Economy and it will take place at Chambar Belgian Restaurant (very close to the Dirty Apron Cooking School… ah yeah). There will be a brief introduction to LoCo BC’s plans to drive local purchasing and support local businesses and then the focus will shift to the effective use of branding and new media tools.

Some of the groovy peeps involved with this event are:

Kierstin Dewest of Conscientious Innovation (Ci), a sustainability marketing firm and think tank, will draw on Ci’s annual survey of 5,000 North American consumers to highlight why local is an important and authentic brand advantage for your business. Ci has extensive experience with integrity brands® globally and at home – Worldchanging, Nike, SPUD, Novex, and UBC to name a few.

Robert Ouimet of Bigsnit Media Consulting will illustrate how digital media (websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook) can be used effectively to drive sales and create brand lift. Robert will explain how a merger of your online business presence with your core business is necessary for most businesses to keep up with technology, keep flexible enough to avoid a website revamp every two years, and keep it manageable with limited time and budget. Robert has worked in digital publishing with clients like the CBC, Biovia organic distributors, and VANOC’s collaborate art project CODE.

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