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October 20th, 2009

Businesses are successful when they’re committed to their people — when they invest in the development of their employees. If you manage a business and want to motivate or reward your employees, then think CREATIVEMIX instead of a fruit basket or pizza day. Yeah – it’s just two days away but hey, won’t you look like the cool boss! Here are some great (and some lame!) reasons why you should register your staff for Vancouver’s Ideation Conference.

5 GREAT reasons to send your employee(s) to CREATIVEMIX

  1. Inspiration. You need a big idea and you need it now! Your staff will hear twelve in-depth talks on the nitty gritties of creativity, inspiration, and working outside the box. Maybe they’ll just come back with exactly what you need!
  2. New connections. Collaboration is the name of the game. It’s not just about networking and generating sales leads anymore (that’s so 1998). Your team will mix and mingle with other top creative minds, which could lead to alliances and new business in areas that may surprise you.
  3. Energy booster. Are your peeps stalling on a project or stuck in a rut? Give them some positive reinforcement – this will get the wheels turning for sure.
  4. Cutting edge. How cool will you be sending your staff to an ideation conference? Who does that?! You’d stand out from competitors as an innovative company doing everything you can to get the creative juices flowing.
  5. It’s local. Sure, you could spend thousands sending your crew to some status-quo conference in Vegas, or wherever, but the service providers, connections, and content will all be out of context. You need to inject some “local” into your business AND you don’t have the budget to send them out of town anyway.

5 TOTALLY LAME reasons to send your employee(s) to CREATIVEMIX

  1. Extra space in the office. You want to move some furniture around or practice your Rockband guitar licks without anyone around. We get it. Get rid of them for a day.
  2. More coffee for you. Your tired of sharing the coffee pot. Finally. . . a day when you can make the coffee the way YOU like it!
  3. Stop the whining. They are getting on your nerves. Mask your frustration with a pro-d day and enjoy some free time from all the annoying questions and complaints.
  4. Exit strategy. You’re going to fire them anyway but you need some time to plan the big boot. You can’t have a war room meeting when they’re within ear shot!
  5. Laundry money. When trying to balance the books you found some fiscal discrepancies. To cover your tracks you need to spend some money quick.

Please call Corwin at 604-803-2019 for more information regarding group rates.

Posted by: Eileen Rothe & Corwin Hiebert

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