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Just Call Him Bruce

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Bruce Haden has been added to the keynote roster!

Bruce’s architectural and urban design work has been recognized globally (because he’s a big deal), particularly for the Governor General’s and World Architecture Festival winning design of the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre in Osoyoos (because it’s awesome). He has extensive experience in institutional, social services, residential, retail and First Nations projects (we’re okay with a little bragging) with work ranging widely from wastewater treatment plants (yuk) to cafes (yum).

FYI – Next week we’ll start talkin’ up our exhibitors so stay tuned! And if you dig the fact that we’re promoting the conference without the use of posters or printing of any kind… please help us spread the word by emailing your friends and co-workers (or “like” and “tweet” us) – thanks!

- Corwin Hiebert

Keynote Speakers Announced

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

CREATIVEMIX is proud to present its 2011 speaker roster. This year’s invited speakers are an amazing blend of successful and talented creative professionals who can deliver the goods. They’re an accomplished bunch and we’re confident that you’ll be inspired and challenged by these Vancouver-based artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs:

  • Hiro Kanagawa (TV/Film/Theatre)
    His IMDB page is longer than… well, it’s really long! X-Files! Smallville! And don’t even get us started on his stage work.
  • TJ Galda (Digital Arts)
    His work at Electronic Arts doesn’t even begin to convey his skills and passions; he’s got his fingers in a whole bunch of pies.
  • Ian Grais (Marketing and Advertising)
    Ranked the number one art director and the number one co-creative director in the country for the past decade. Geesh.
  • Graeme Berglund (Art and Design)
    Talented, renowned, and the dude that we all know and love from The Cheaper Show. He’s infected with collaboration-itus.
  • Mara Gottler (Costume Design and Fashion)
    The consummate pro. Designed “The Tempest” with Robert Lepage. Has her own clothing line. Coolio!
  • Dave Delnea (Commercial Photography)
    One creative SOB! An advertising photographer and creative collaboration advocate who lands the coolest gigs.
  • Ben Kadel (Social Psychology)
    Our secret weapon. He helps creatives do important work (AKA find their sweet spot) and avoid being misunderstood or a martyr.
  • Animal (Muppet and Musician)
    Just kidding, we’ll announce the eighth presenter shortly.

These keynote speakers will share their thoughts on creativity and collaboration. They’ll provide tangible insights into how you can grow your creative potential. This is not a show-n-tell event, they’ve been charged with the mandate of helping you in your effort to be creative and productive within the context of community.

This one-day conference is a professional development event that focuses exclusively on creativity, collaboration, and community. It’s industry agnostic and it’s the most exciting conference in Vancouver for emerging and established professionals, artists, and small businesses that embrace the task of doing creative work.

Conference Update

We’ll be announcing a few more things over the next few weeks (eighth keynote presentation, live music line-up, featured exhibitors, and more). Online registration is available and due to the fact that we’re expecting a sell-out you’ll want to purchase your tickets sooner than later (seriously).

Promote the Proccess

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Eileen Rothe getting the back story from Drew Young

We took in the IDEA Grad Show last night and all I can say is WOW! Each and every time we connect with that crazy group from the North Shore I’m inspired and amazed; they’re likeminded folks for sure.

The depth of creativity that IDEA graduates bring to the table is exceptional and the diversity amoung the group is really something special. What stood out to us this year was how eloquent the new grads were. They spoke about their lives, their work, and most importantly their process and they left us with a deeper impression of who they are and what they offer the market far more than any promotional effort could ever pull off.

That’s where the rubber hits the road as far as I’m concerned: talk about the process I always say (well, I’m saying it now anyway).

When artists and creatives want to market themselves they often make the fatal error of either 1. hiding in a closet (believing their work will speak for itself) or 2. they talk about the end result and how awesome it is (a noisy and desperate plea). The “true” artist and the shameless self-promoter are not all that effective at trying to elicit curiosity in their work or generate demand for their creative skills. Both of those approaches fail to create genuine interest.

In a market full of other talented souls the battle to garner attention is hard. From my perspective, what is, in fact, interesting about creative work, is the process. HOW they arrived at the final result is what makes me pay attention.

“Story” is always a good way to approach a marketing effort but I’ve been increasingly intrigued by raw guts of the creative process and I’m attracted to creatives who can expose themselves and their methods (or chaos) in order to share their creative spirit.

Take Drew Young for example. Sean Carter (Hangar 18 Creative Group) pointed him out to us and so we buzzed over to his display. Within seconds he was telling us about how he went about creating a collaborative illustration project that wasn’t even featured on his wall! Brilliant!

My advice? Be like Drew.

If you don’t know much about the IDEA program then here’s a snapshot: IDEA is a career-based three-year advanced diploma program offering instruction in both communication design and applied illustration. This dual curriculum sets IDEA apart from other post-secondary design programs and gives graduates a lifelong edge in the job market. In this demanding, full-time cohort program, students gain a strong theoretical foundation and learn how to develop and apply concepts, manage complex projects and meet current industry expectations, both creatively and technologically. To find out more about the IDEA program and its graduates visit

So, a shout out to the IDEA grads for all their hard work – we wish you continued success; to the faculty… you’re doing important work, thank you for your leadership – the quality of the Grad Show is a reflection of your dedication to excellence and community.

Speaking of process, if you’re working on a creative project or entrepreneurial endeavour and you need help taking it to the next level… you’ll want to check out the Connect, Learn, Grow workshop series by Emotus Operandi. It’s happening Saturday, April 30th on Granville Island and you can register here.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Connect, Learn, Grow

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Ben Kadel (Emotus Operandi). Image by Jeremy Lim.

Out of the shadows we come! It’s been a few months since the November conference and though we’re not quite ready to announce the details regarding the 2011 conference we are able to pass along a GREAT opportunity for you to check-out.

CREATIVEMIX is proud to sponsor Connect, Learn, Grow - an inspiring and invaluable day of action oriented workshops hosted by Emotus Operandi.

We are sponsoring this event, in part, because you asked for it! After all the praise and love and gush-gush from last year’s conference died down we were able to gather some precious feedback regarding the needs of local creatives. What we heard was: you want more ideas on how to move a creative project forward (personal or business), you want to build collaborations and put some concrete tools in place so your project(s) can thrive. So we’re doing just that.

This interactive day of workshops will be on April 30th and we think you’ll want to be there. The day is all about you and your project, but to make this work we need to hear from you! What will make the day most useful for you? Please take a moment to fill in this quick, informal survey by clicking the “Choose Your Own Adventure” button below. This survey will give you a chance to help create the workshop program and make darn sure the day delivers the goods for YOU. Check it out!

Shout Out to MakeShift

Monday, July 19th, 2010

We heard about Natalie Purschwitz a few months ago but during a CREATIVEMIX meeting earlier today her name, and her MakeShift project, came up in conversation yet again as a great example of creative people doing creative things right in our own backyard. Seeing how she’s fresh on the mind I’d better pass this along quick before I get distracted again. Check it out! -Corwin Hiebert

MakeShift is an art and research project that examines the relationships between ‘making’, ‘clothing’ and ‘living’. The basic premise for the project is that for a period of one year starting on September 1st, 2009, Natalie wears only things that she’s made herself. That’s right – she’s working diligently to make all of her  clothes, socks, shoes, underwear, coats, jackets, hats, bathing suits, accessories and anything else she might need to protect her body from the elements while trying to lead a fulfilling life.

Why is she doing this you ask? She’s hoping to gain some understanding of the limitations of clothing and how they affect the development of ideology. Wow. We thought this was a craft project, guess not. Natalie is striving to examine the role of clothing as a form of cultural production.

She’s also got a great online store for those who want to save themselves the hassle of sewing, gluing, weaving, stitching, and molding their own wardrobe – it’s called Hunt & Gather.

Visit her blog and visit her store.

Creative Project – OnGray

Friday, May 7th, 2010

“OnGray was a project that developed simply from the desire to do something random and creative with friends.” – Dave Delnea

Creative collaboration is a huge part of Delnea’s work. As a photographer and creative director he’s one of those true creatives, a real artist that loves playing and working hard at his craft. I’ve known Dave for about a year now and I can honestly say he’s brilliant, a real creative visionary. What stands out to me is that he doesn’t create in isolation – he’s always looking around to find collaborators.

The original concept behind OnGray was that Dave would get a few friends together and shoot a few pictures in front of a gray backdrop. It turns out a little vision goes a long way. As the idea developed it started to take on a bit of a vintage feel and soon involved stills, motion and a cast/crew of about 14 people. Dave’s posted the images in his Project Portfolio and there’s a fun behind the scenes video below too. I was involved at a production level – I’m the dork int he blue stripped sweater.

What I love about being around Dave is that he craves creative experiences in community. He’s passionate about getting to hang out with fun and brilliant creative people, being inspired by people with skill sets completely different from his own, and to be part of creating something that’s beyond what he ever could have come up with himself. If that doesn’t deserve a CREATIVEMIX shout-out I don’t know what does. You might remember Dave from last year’s CREATIVEMIX – he hosted the Photographer’s Den in the Exhibition. If you weren’t there then you have no idea what I’m talking about – but don’t feel bad. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, know what I mean, eh? eh?.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Creative People – Bob Kronbauer

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

It’s no secret – is totally awesome. Last year when we were spreading the word about the first CREATIVEMIX they took up the flag and waived it wildly in support of the conference. For that – we are forever grateful. The man behind it all is Bob Kronbauer and this post is to simply say THANK YOU TO BOB! Over the past few months VIA has become a staple in the Vancouver arts and culture scene, and my browser homepage, and for what it’s worth I just wanted to send a shout-out to our friend Bob and his amazing team of contributors and to remind people that they operate as a non-profit so… donate generously as you’re able (let’s micro-payment them to death)! Want to get to know Bob a bit better – visit the archives.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

IDEA 2010 Grad Show

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Here’s a SHOUT OUT to our friends at Capilano University’s IDEA program: you’ve got to check out this year’s grad show! Seriously – these folks are crazy talented.

We were honoured to have the IDEA crew at CREATIVEMIX this past Fall and getting to meet a bunch of them was an absolute thrill. They love what they do! They’re so freakin’ passionate about design, art, and creativity that I can’t help but want to be around them (maybe it will rub off). When it comes to creative marketing I thought their “Win Free Ideas” contest – see video below – was awesome! What a killer way to get industry experience and promote the program.

IDEA is a career-based three-year diploma program offering instruction in both communication design and applied illustration. This dual curriculum sets IDEA apart from other post-secondary design programs and gives graduates a lifelong edge in the job market. In this demanding, full-time cohort program, students are given a strong theoretical foundation and learn how to develop and apply concepts, manage complex projects and meet current industry expectations, both creatively and technologically.

The grad show is a chance for graduates to exhibit what hard work and sleepless nights can produce! We support sleepless creatives! The Capilano University IDEA Program Grad Show 2010 is happening next Monday; I hope to see you there.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Let’s Go BLIM

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Need some creative inspiration? Check out Chinatown’s hidden gem BLIM, a community-based art resource centre that can feed nearly every creative craving you have – especially if you’re of the crafty variety.

BLIM is truly one of these great spots that we can’t do without. What stands out to me is that it’s not just a funky store – it’s a place to gather and learn – check out their amazing workshop schedule. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself crafty, so you won’t see me in a knitting class anytime soon, but screen-printing and button making? Oh yeah – I could rock those!

Here’s a little more about BLIM: it’s been in the heart of Vancouver’s DIY Main Street district for five years (yeah, that’s right, a DIY district – how cool are we)? BLIM is a non-funded arts facility run by and for artists and community. It is made possible because of the hard working Yuriko Iga, Noel Macul, and all their awesome volunteers. BLIM also raises funds by collaborating with various organizations both in the arts, media, and community field such as Powell Street Festival, Public Dreams, Langara Institute, Emily Carr, New Music Vancouver, and VIVO.

Here’s a few of the accolades BLIM has received:

“Best Low Profile Event Space” – Vancouver Magazine

“Best Innovative Arts Space” – Terminal City

“Best Place to Whip up some Art” – Georgia Straight

So… what are we waiting for? Let’s go BLIM!

Posted by Corwin Hiebert

TEDxVancouver is Tomorrow!

Friday, November 20th, 2009


It’s here! Tomorrow is the big day! And unless you’re one of the luck 100 people allowed to attend you’ll have to watch from the outside. But don’t dismay. Keeping an eye on the real-time tweets, blogging, and webcast videos via the TEDxVancouver website should satisfy your TED cravings, at least to some degree.

And in case you missed it – did you see the speaker lineup?

  • Neill Blomkamp, Film Director
  • Kevin Carroll, Author, Speaker, Agent for Social Change
  • Cheryl Cran, Leadership and Generations Consultant
  • Guy Dauncey, Speaker, Author, Organizer
  • Alden E. Habacon, Author, Speaker, Television
  • Henry LaBounta, Director of Art, Academy Award Nominee
  • Terry McBride, Music Entrepreneur
  • Nicholas Molnar, Web Strategist
  • Patrick Moore, Co-Founder Greenpeace, Environmentalist
  • Bryan Slusarchuk, Environmental Venture Capitalist
  • Marc Stoiber, Founder, Change Advertising

And they’ve got performances by Cris Derksen, Cellist, and Shamik, Beatboxer too! Cool.

There’s also a TEDxWhistler happening in the Whistler Village Feburary 18th (during the 2010 Games) – how great is that! We’ve be TEDized.

Tangents was Coolio

Friday, November 13th, 2009


A hipster bomb went off in Mount Pleasant! Oh man – the Tangents Art Show was tonight and it was a major hit! Great art, killer DJ, wicked room (Lifetime Space) all brought to you by Jeff Hamada ( and the Lifetime Collective. We ran into some CREATIVEMIX peeps (like Dave Delnea) and enjoyed the commute to/from (a brisk walk just 5 blocks from our pad). Groovy Friday night out.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

PKN Vancouver Volume 9

Sunday, November 8th, 2009


I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it no more! There’s two kinds of people in Vancouver: people who know about Pecha Kucha and people who don’t (don’t even get me started on TED). It’s not that I’m angry at PKN virgins I just think they’re missing out big time.

Now, if you haven’t heard of Pecha Kucha then this post has come at the right time for you, trust me. Here’s what you can expect: there are multiple presenters (hailing from design, architecture, art, culture, activism, fashion, entertainment, you name it) and each presenter is only allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. It’s highly entertaining, very inspirational, and in Vancouver it is usually at the uber-cool Park Theatre on Cambie Street where the beer flows (and the bottles roll down the isles every few minutes – Steven loves that part, I don’t know why). I’ve been three times so far and for $10 it’s a great night out.

Coming up on November 26th is Volume #9. The line up looks spectacular.

  1. Chris Staples (Rethink)
  2. Vancouver 2010 Design Team
  3. Sarah Bancroft ( and CREATIVEMIX speaker too!)
  4. Tom Pedriks (Haymaker Creative)
  5. TJ Galda (EA Canada)
  6. Su-feh Lee (Battery Opera)
  7. Elvy Del Bianco (Vancity)
  8. Anne Pearson (Vancouver Special)
  9. Michael Ziff (Hip Baby and Camp Moomba Yogathon lover)
  10. Stephanie Hodges (Vitalis and Camp Moomba Yogathon lover)
  11. Will Brown (Adbusters)
  12. David Duprey (Art Space Developer)

It sells out so get your tickets HERE ASAP.

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Joel Armstrong @ MIX Lounge

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

joelarmstrongx170Think & Drink. I’m sorry . . . what?!

So what are your plans this Thursday night? You know, that night of the week where you want to celebrate the fact that the next day is Friday, the day before the lovely Saturday?

Those who choose to register for the conference portion of our little event are in for a real treat. From 4:45 – 6:30pm, DJ Joel Armstrong (House/Melodramatic Popular Song/Techno) will perform live in our MIX Lounge for the Think & Drink reception, bringing us a cool vibe to wrap up a super rad day!

Okay, so for many of us the weekend isn’t actually the weekend, but who doesn’t need an excuse to party right?!

Check out Joel’s awesome creations here:

Myspace blue

Posted by: Eileen Rothe

24 Hours x 24 Hours

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

24hrs-Van-CreativeMix-x-200CREATIVEMIX is almost here! In just 24 hours Vancouver’s Ideation Conference will be underway and it’s shaping up to be an amazing day!

24 Hours Vancouver has published a piece on the conference (page 5) — just look for my pensive “Sssshhhhh… I’m thinking!” headshot — and it’s a great piece about the event. Terry McBride drops some very encouraging words and it really gets the vibe across.

So there it is. Creative math. 24 x 24 = October 22. Ha! I’m hilarious.

Okay, now let’s get on with it! Eileen and I have lived, breathed, and bled this thing and with one day left we can honestly say that we’re crazy-excited to see this event come to life. Bringing together Vancouver’s creatives in a “meeting of  the minds” is one of those never-quite-completed tasks, but we’re having a blast doing it! Yes, we “think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” At this point, all I can think about is the Think & Drink.


Thanks to Kristen McKenzie for writing a great article and Editor-in-chief Dean Broughton for being our champion.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Attention Employers!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Businesses are successful when they’re committed to their people — when they invest in the development of their employees. If you manage a business and want to motivate or reward your employees, then think CREATIVEMIX instead of a fruit basket or pizza day. Yeah – it’s just two days away but hey, won’t you look like the cool boss! Here are some great (and some lame!) reasons why you should register your staff for Vancouver’s Ideation Conference.

5 GREAT reasons to send your employee(s) to CREATIVEMIX

  1. Inspiration. You need a big idea and you need it now! Your staff will hear twelve in-depth talks on the nitty gritties of creativity, inspiration, and working outside the box. Maybe they’ll just come back with exactly what you need!
  2. New connections. Collaboration is the name of the game. It’s not just about networking and generating sales leads anymore (that’s so 1998). Your team will mix and mingle with other top creative minds, which could lead to alliances and new business in areas that may surprise you.
  3. Energy booster. Are your peeps stalling on a project or stuck in a rut? Give them some positive reinforcement – this will get the wheels turning for sure.
  4. Cutting edge. How cool will you be sending your staff to an ideation conference? Who does that?! You’d stand out from competitors as an innovative company doing everything you can to get the creative juices flowing.
  5. It’s local. Sure, you could spend thousands sending your crew to some status-quo conference in Vegas, or wherever, but the service providers, connections, and content will all be out of context. You need to inject some “local” into your business AND you don’t have the budget to send them out of town anyway.

5 TOTALLY LAME reasons to send your employee(s) to CREATIVEMIX

  1. Extra space in the office. You want to move some furniture around or practice your Rockband guitar licks without anyone around. We get it. Get rid of them for a day.
  2. More coffee for you. Your tired of sharing the coffee pot. Finally. . . a day when you can make the coffee the way YOU like it!
  3. Stop the whining. They are getting on your nerves. Mask your frustration with a pro-d day and enjoy some free time from all the annoying questions and complaints.
  4. Exit strategy. You’re going to fire them anyway but you need some time to plan the big boot. You can’t have a war room meeting when they’re within ear shot!
  5. Laundry money. When trying to balance the books you found some fiscal discrepancies. To cover your tracks you need to spend some money quick.

Please call Corwin at 604-803-2019 for more information regarding group rates.

Posted by: Eileen Rothe & Corwin Hiebert

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

vancouver-sun-logo2Sweet justice. Okay, I know it’s a stretch but it does feel like a wrong has been righted. Okay, so there wasn’t really a “wrong” at all, but now something is definitely right. I was a paper boy in elementary school, and for a little too long into Jr. High too (didn’t know it wasn’t cool anymore until it was too late). I delivered the Vancouver Sun and for 6 days a week for 4 years I’d stack my paper basket 4-feet high (yeah, that’s right, a paper basket, on the handlebars of my Sears-brand mountain bike) and I’d bring the news to the world (AKA the subdivisions of Chilliwack and the 55+ condos of Clearbrook). Today is a sweet day because today, Saturday, October 17 2009, I’m IN the newspaper.

The justice continues because I’m not really the subject–that would just be cruel–but rather CREATIVEMIX is in the spotlight and Marke Andrews covered all the bases with his pair of articles about the conference. I was surprised to read the reference to Wayne Gretzky by Terry McBride. Brilliant! I didn’t think we could work in hockey and The Great One into the promotion of this creative gathering but leave it to Terry to dial into Vancouver’s touch point. So, if you’ve picked up your paper from your porch, then keep an eye out for the articles. If you don’t get the paper delivered, much less have a porch, then you can read the articles online:

Paperless Buzz
Yesterday I shared the spot light with Noel Fox, one of our speakers, on Shaw’s Urban Rush and WOW was that ever fun! The time spent in the green room with the other guests was very cool and hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford are real pros. Lisa Manfield wrote up a great article (which was from an interview with Eileen and I) which is currently posted on CREATIVEMIX is on TV Week’s Top 10 Things to Do in Vancouver – cool! And our sponsors Vitamin Daily and Vancouver is Awesome are spreadin’ the love (and giving away free conference passes).

I love Saturdays.

Now Eileen and I have to drink a bunch of coffee.

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Creative Filmfest

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

With the Vancouver International Film Festival coming to a close this Friday, you might mistakenly think that the cool screenings have come to an end, that you didn’t get your fill, or that you missed your chance completely. Fear not. The CREATIVEMIX Exhibition includes a mini theater where we’ll show short films by local directors. Exhibition-only tickets are FREE (if you sign-up online by October 21st) so there’s no reason to miss out. Learn more about our short film showcase here.

Here’s are two films that we are excited to include, both of which have been screened at the VIFF:


This short film is written and directed by Alan Miller. It’s based on a short story by Saki (AKA H.H. Munro) called “Sredni Vashtar.” The film is a darkly comic tale about a young boy who uses his imagination to fight the oppressive rule of his uptight guardian, Miss Anthrop, and is Miller’s “first” film. The quotations mean that the line between being a filmmaker and being an aspiring filmmaker is getting pretty blurry these days. If you want to get really technical about it, he’s been making films ever since middle school when he got his hands on the school’s first mac. But “Conrad the Wise” is a bit different in that he had, for the first time, the aid of a crew. And a budget. And a script. Ah… the sweet joy of funded collaboration.

In true CREATIVEMIX form, this film is the result of the contributions of people from all over the Vancouver film industry; from old pros, to film students, and one very talented kid. Miller managed to get the thing done without paying full price for anything, and without making too many enemies (as far as he knows…). The short of it is: it’s a tale of imagination, revenge, and hot buttery toast. You’ll love it.


Allison Beda, writer and director, calls a spade a spade with this witty and masterfully edited short about the rise and demise of a long-distance relationship played out over a game of tennis. What better way to answer the ultimate question, “Why is it called love if I’m losing?” than through–yep, that’s right–poetic tennis and dance. Brilliant.

Beda (Tea Party, How To Be A Model) worked with producer Stephanie Symns (ControlAltDelete) on this project. It was choreographed by Claire French (artist in residence Leeds University UK 2006-2007), scored by Leo award winning composer Teresa Connors (Dog Boy, How To Be A Model) and photographed by cinematographer James Liston (ControlAltDelete). The film features dancers Delia Brett and Daelik (who are the dance company Machine Noisy) and the voice-over was performed by recording artist Adrienne Pierce (songs from her album Faultline have been featured on The L Word, Veronica Mars and Grey’s Anatomy).

Ben Sigston @ MIX Lounge

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


What do good coffee, local radio, and live music have in common? Oh come on people!

So if you haven’t heard yet, our CREATIVEMIX Exhibition includes the Mix Lounge, where you can enjoy some good coffee . . . we’ve told you about the coffee . . . and meet some new peeps. But what we haven’t told you is that you’ll also get to experience live performances by some amazing local talent.

For those of you who are tuned in to the newest and coolest local station here in Vancouver, 100.5 The PEAK, you will have heard of a little thing called the “PEAK Performance Project.” This is a seven-year, $5.29 million contest open to all musicians in BC, and was created by 100.5 The PEAK and Music BC to develop BC based emerging artists. To say the least, they hit the mother load right off the bat and we are ecstatic to have two of the finalists performing at CREATIVEMIX this year. Let me start with Ben Sigston.

Ben is one of those rare artists who can capture an audience’s attention with only a piano or acoustic guitar. He crafts melodic gems that work as well stripped down as they do produced with a full band. His early works, filled with bright, tasteful piano playing, weeping Beatle-esque guitar lines and instantly memorable vocal melodies, found instant success with numerous placements in both TV and film. A 2007 development deal with Warner Music put Sigston into contact with producer Warne Livesey (Midnight Oil, Matthew Good). The two discovered that they shared a common musical vision and enjoyed collaborating, and so decided to work together to record Ben’s first EP “Free Now.” It is Sigston’s unique ability to marry the abstract with the well-crafted pop song that makes him such a unique addition to the current crop of singer/songwriters.

Not to mention he goes great with an Americano. Mmmmmmm!

Ben will perform in the MIX Lounge on Thursday, Oct.22 at 10:30am and exhibition-only passes are $10 (but they’re FREE if you register online here.

Posted by: Eileen Rothe

Live+Work at the ARC

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

arc_logoI just swung by The ARC Cafe to get my afternoon coffee (a triple long-shot espresso made to perfection) and had a great chat with the owner: Joe. I brought him some coffee sleeves, of course,  and I learned a bit more about the cool creative community they have at The ARC.

The building has 80 artist live+work studios at the corner of Powell and Commercial and attracts all kinds of artsy-fartsy types: sculptors, painters, musicians, actors, potters, performers, etc. The units are spacious with great views and the building has the types of things working artists need: a freight elevator, wide halls and doors, sound proof walls, and of course one can not be without, a kiln, wood shop, metal shop, dark room, dance room, and a 24-hr LOUD music practice room. The real cool thing about The ARC is the community. Residents collaborate on projects, join forces to host events, and support each other in the creative life. Sounds like a GREAT place to live.

I also stumbled across Lourdes Lara’s blog, an Honduran-Canadian ARC resident who is an painter, sculptor and multimedia artist. Very cool work.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Kelly Deck at IDSwest

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Take_It_Outside_005CREATIVEMIX speaker Kelly Deck is presenting this weekend at the Interior Design Show West (IDSwest) – Western Canada’s annual premiere residential design show.  Kelly will take the stage at 12:15pm on Sunday. IDSwest is a great event featuring 200 exhibitors showcasing quality products and services to an audience of industry professionals, architects, designers, consumers and media. Learn more at