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Press Release

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Artists and Creative Workers Gather for a Professional Development Mash-up

(Vancouver, BC) – Vancouver’s leading creatives agree that industry inbreeding is so very old-school (in a bad way). Success as an artist or creative professional requires a diverse skill set and a broad network. Enter CREATIVEMIX – Vancouver’s only annual ideation conference. Thursday November 3rd Vancouver-based idea makers, movers, and shakers will gather to share their experience and explore the common thread of creativity and collaboration. The heavy-hitting lineup of 8 keynote speakers includes actor and writer Hiro Kanagawa (story editor on the acclaimed CBC dramas Da Vinci’s Inquest, Da Vinci’s City Hall, and Intelligence and currently works for the gritty rez drama Blackstone) who will be presenting a keynote message titled: Terminal City on the Trans-Cyberian: Why and How Vancouver can be a Global Hub for Transmedia Production.

This conference, in its third year, is no longer Vancouver’s best-kept secret. CREATIVEMIX has earned its mark as the breeding ground for creative innovation, education, and interdisciplinary networking. Other conference presenters include TJ Galda, Senior CG Supervisor (Electronic Arts Canada) who’s personal credits include work on feature films like Shark Tale, Kung Fu Panda, and Fantastic Four; as well as, Ian Grais (ReThink Canada) whose art direction is ranked #1 in Canada ten years running.

Other keynote sessions include talks from Bruce Haden (architect), Graeme Berglund (co-founder of The Cheaper Show), Dave Delnea (photographer), Dr. Ben Kadel (social physiologist), and Mara Gottler (costume design). “Too many creative people are isolated in their work, either in their craft or industry” says CREATIVEMIX co-producer Corwin Hiebert “It’s our ability and willingness to be creative within the context community that will elevate our work to a place where it can get noticed and make a difference”.

The big buzz around the conference is the CREATIVEX: a free showcase featuring displays of ideas, projects and collaborations from a diverse array of disciplines. Open to the general public, the exhibit will feature works from various artists including the next generation of creative leaders from Capilano University’s IDEA program, Langara College, and VanArts. Fine artist Jose Rivas will be in-action as he produces in real-time an interactive painting installation (in partnership with Opus Art Supplies).

Anchored by a pop-up Ethical Bean Coffee shop and a performance stage, the MIXLounge is at the centre of it all; live music performances are by indie-folk rocker Jasper Sloan Yip and the eclectic sounds of Maria in the Shower. This networking venue is a great place to connect with likeminded creatives.

CREATIVEMIX is a one-day Ideation Conference held on Thursday, November 3rd 9am to 6 pm in Yaletown’s Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre. The cost to register is $99 and includes lunch and refreshments, passes to attend the keynote sessions, workshops, as well as the “Think & Drink” post-event networking event. CREATIVEX, the creative exhibition is free and open to the general public from 9:00-4:00 pm. The conference is co-presented by Corwin Hiebert and Eileen Rothe (Red Wagon Management) and Boca del Lupo. For more information, visit

Media Want to Attend? Got Questions?
Co-Producer: Corwin Hiebert
Cell: 604-803-2019
Office: 604.569.6544

Download PDF: CREATIVEMIX 2011 Press Release

Keynote Speakers Announced on VIA

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The cat is out of the bag! Our web media partner Vancouver Is Awesome has made the first big announcement regarding our amazing keynote speaker lineup. They’re a ticket sales partner too (an affiliate) so when you click-through from their site and register on Eventbrite you’ll automatically be giving them some financial lovin’. We love VIA – don’t you! Be sure to love back and comment, tweet, and help spread the word in all forms.

24 Hours x 24 Hours

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

24hrs-Van-CreativeMix-x-200CREATIVEMIX is almost here! In just 24 hours Vancouver’s Ideation Conference will be underway and it’s shaping up to be an amazing day!

24 Hours Vancouver has published a piece on the conference (page 5) — just look for my pensive “Sssshhhhh… I’m thinking!” headshot — and it’s a great piece about the event. Terry McBride drops some very encouraging words and it really gets the vibe across.

So there it is. Creative math. 24 x 24 = October 22. Ha! I’m hilarious.

Okay, now let’s get on with it! Eileen and I have lived, breathed, and bled this thing and with one day left we can honestly say that we’re crazy-excited to see this event come to life. Bringing together Vancouver’s creatives in a “meeting of  the minds” is one of those never-quite-completed tasks, but we’re having a blast doing it! Yes, we “think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” At this point, all I can think about is the Think & Drink.


Thanks to Kristen McKenzie for writing a great article and Editor-in-chief Dean Broughton for being our champion.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

vancouver-sun-logo2Sweet justice. Okay, I know it’s a stretch but it does feel like a wrong has been righted. Okay, so there wasn’t really a “wrong” at all, but now something is definitely right. I was a paper boy in elementary school, and for a little too long into Jr. High too (didn’t know it wasn’t cool anymore until it was too late). I delivered the Vancouver Sun and for 6 days a week for 4 years I’d stack my paper basket 4-feet high (yeah, that’s right, a paper basket, on the handlebars of my Sears-brand mountain bike) and I’d bring the news to the world (AKA the subdivisions of Chilliwack and the 55+ condos of Clearbrook). Today is a sweet day because today, Saturday, October 17 2009, I’m IN the newspaper.

The justice continues because I’m not really the subject–that would just be cruel–but rather CREATIVEMIX is in the spotlight and Marke Andrews covered all the bases with his pair of articles about the conference. I was surprised to read the reference to Wayne Gretzky by Terry McBride. Brilliant! I didn’t think we could work in hockey and The Great One into the promotion of this creative gathering but leave it to Terry to dial into Vancouver’s touch point. So, if you’ve picked up your paper from your porch, then keep an eye out for the articles. If you don’t get the paper delivered, much less have a porch, then you can read the articles online:

Paperless Buzz
Yesterday I shared the spot light with Noel Fox, one of our speakers, on Shaw’s Urban Rush and WOW was that ever fun! The time spent in the green room with the other guests was very cool and hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford are real pros. Lisa Manfield wrote up a great article (which was from an interview with Eileen and I) which is currently posted on CREATIVEMIX is on TV Week’s Top 10 Things to Do in Vancouver – cool! And our sponsors Vitamin Daily and Vancouver is Awesome are spreadin’ the love (and giving away free conference passes).

I love Saturdays.

Now Eileen and I have to drink a bunch of coffee.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Strombo Q&A with Steve Martin

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

steve-martin-headshotCool News! On Sunday, September 27, one of comedy’s greatest legends, Steve Martin, will be interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos @strombo (host of CBC’s The Hour) at the Orpheum in downtown Vancouver as a part of the GlobalBC Vancouver COMEDYFEST.

Steve Martin is one of the most diversified performers and this is truly a rare opportunity to go behind the curtain with this amazing comedian, actor, author, playwright, producer and musician. Pre-sale tickets are now available to comedyfest club members.

So, here’s a CREATIVEMIX shout-out to the team at Destination Funny for bringing this inspiring entertainer to Vancouver.

Be there or be square (and leave your banjo at home).

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Creative People in Business

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

fastcompany_100creativesThe June issue of Fast Company Magazine features a very interesting list you’ll want to check out: 100 Most Creative People in Business.

Clearly such a list begs the question “according to whom?” since the subjectivity and bias of lists like these usually renders them predictable and useless. As well, magazines often use TOP lists as an excuse to get as many famous people on their pages as possible in order to generate sales. Both of these indiscretions are just not cool when it comes to creative people and so this list deserves a critical eye.

Believe it or not Fast Company got it right on this one (almost). The editors and staff did a pretty good job keeping the “who’s who” out and focused on people behind the people; which gets them props for sure. Though it’s not hard to lead-off with Apple, Chuck Salter’s snapshot of creative superhero (#1) Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, is clearly a great start. Anyone who contributes so much to the success of a brand and its products and then calmly steps aside to let Steve Jobs bask in the glory belongs on such a list. Besides, Ive’s started in that role at the age of 29… all you can say is WOW.

A couple others stood out. Facebook’s Dave Morin, Senior Platform Manager, sits amoung good company (#16) with his evangelistic approach to the discussion of open-identity standards – which is cool. Morin is a creative guy who’s helping his and many other companies, and that makes him a solid addition to the roster for sure. And despite his fame and fortune, J.J. Abrams (#14) should get all the praise in the world for the way he warps time and puts the adventure back in action television and injects mystery into car chase movies.

There seems to be only a couple blips on the radar when it comes the list and they both get bad marks for two very different reasons. (#18) Susan Athey, Chief Economist at Microsoft, is being hailed for her adult-oriented questions about designs’ affect on the platform. No wow there. The few words written about her leave you wondering if they were looking harder than they should have in order to drop a Microsoft bigwig onto the list. Just because she’s asking good questions doesn’t quite make her a creative business person. That being said, Microsoft seems to be working hard on reinventing themselves so we’ll give her a little slack assuming we’ll hear more from her very soon. The amount of praise Fast Company heaps on Tyra Banks (#49) is a bit awkward. Sure she’s got herself quite the fashion media empire but her “hyperactive hand in creating” her world seems to justify adding her to the Top 100 Divas list. Again, maybe she deserves the credit; creativity does come in all kinds of crazy, Fast Company just didn’t provide much evidence on this one.

Now what about us? What if we made a list of our own? Who are the great thinkers and rising stars of business we’ve heard of or have worked at? Leave a comment below with your Top 5 Most Creative Business People and we’ll combine them to make our own CREATIVMIX Top 100 (or fewer, depending on the comments of course; besides nothing says social networking quite like a Top 17 list).