Ethical Donut You Say?

October 29th, 2010

It’s official. Ethical Bean is to cool for school. They now serve donuts! I ran into Katie (the baker boss) at their East Van HQ to pick-up some loot for the conference and was treated to a fresh, yummy, pumpkin donut. It was covered in sugar! I love it when tasty food stuff is covered in sugar! I ate it to quick to dunk though, sorry Dad. They’ve got great flavours and they’re snack-sized which is good. Katie and Michelle have confirmed that Ethical Bean donuts will be available at CREATIVEMIX on Thursday – which is awesome. This is just another example of how really cool people are going out of their way to get involved and are making this event stand out.

The crew at Ethical Bean are great. They’re the nicest bunch of people. We go way back – at least 3 years (that’s a long time in Vancouver). Last year they included me in an early morning round of cupping (coffee tasting) – it was an unbelievable experience. Today, as I sipped by espresso and enjoyed my pumpkin treat, Katie and I  joked about how funny it would be if donut making got as serious as coffee roasting. There could be international events held in the motherland (Ontario, or any state in the Mid-West). There would be donut makers from around the world showcasing their finest. There would be judges, scorecards, spit buckets (or plop buckets – cuz’ you’d have to use your tongue to push the donut mush out), and trophies awarded to best of the best. It could be a dignified as wine tasting in no time.

I digress.

Thanks guys!

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