The CREATIVE EX is the place to be! This free showcase features displays of ideas, projects and collaborations from a diverse array of disciplines. Open to the general public (9:00am-4:00pm), this interactive exhibit and live-music coffee lounge produces quite the buzz! Click the image or visit the websites to learn more about the exhibitors.

Education Partner

Capilano University’s IDEA Program posed a challenge to its first year Creative Thinking class: design a wall display for the Creative Mix conference on the theme of creativity. Teams brainstormed and Corwin himself visited the class to give some encouraging feedback on the presentations. The winning idea was chosen by class vote, then it was all hands on deck to write copy, produce illustrations, and bring the idea to life. Come check it out! Learn more at www.capilano.ca.

Jose Rivas

Jose Rivas will be painting onsite an interactive art installation that celebrates the beauty of creativity in the form of children opening Pandora’s box. In this case, the reference to Pandora’s box moves away from the old idea of releasing evil into the world and focuses more on the idea of releasing curiosity and wonder through the absence of fear. This exhibit is proudly sponsored by Opus Framing & Art Supplies. Learn more about the artist at www.JoseRivas.ca.

RCK Photoworks

RCK Photoworks. The snapshot is a particular kind of photographic record: a unique perspective captured in a moment of opportunity. Hundreds or even thousands of these singular moments are the starting point for Vancouver-based artist Ross C. Kelly, and the elements with which he builds his thickly textured compositions. From panoramic skylines to narrow street views, his chosen sites are photographed repeatedly over the course of several days or weeks, incorporating their many shifts in light, weather, and social use. The reach of these images extends far beyond the capabilities of a single frame photograph to express the dynamic, multi-sensory, and often chaotic nature of our contemporary urban experience. Kelly’s works suggest that there can never be a singular, stable image of the city. While each snapshot—like each individual viewpoint—indeed exists as a discrete moment, our understanding of a particular place is always multiple, carrying with it the memory of other times, the knowledge of other spaces. See the artwork. Learn more at www.RossCKelly.com.

The Radix Theatre

Radix Theatre is currently building YVR: an installation coming to the Roundhouse Performance Centre December 6 – 9, part of the City of Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Celebrations. Visitors to CREATIVEMIX can contribute to the design by recalling something about Vancouver that exists now only in their memories, and then building a paper replica of that memory. Results will be assembled into neighborhoods and suspended in mid-air, accompanied by an immersive soundtrack. Learn more at www.RadixTheatre.org.

Beaumont Studios

The Beaumont Studios is a collection of artists, creative thinkers, small business owners and friends that is dedicated to making a living in the arts, supporting each other and growing our businesses. They want to create a space where music, light, design and the idea of how connected we all are transforms the viewer, if even for just a moment, into another place. Using basic materials and construction and low watt LED bulbs they will transform the space into an ex-large form of 3D Light-Brite.

Education Partner

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) is one of the most well established and highly respected visual, media and performing arts schools in North America, equipping graduates for careers in animation, games, visual effects, photography, acting, web development and broadcasting. We invite you to visit our green-screen photo booth at Creative Mix, where we will send you into a digital landscape to battle the evil horde of VanBots! Learn more at www.vanarts.com.

Portobello West

Portobello West. Picture Yourself in Portobello West Market! We have recently re-branded as a non-profit organization in order to help local artists become better exposed, understood, and defined in their creative endeavours. Our project features an interactive photo booth that celebrates the artistic merit of local artisans and designers. Participants take their pick from a plethora of unique, handmade designs by Portobello West artists, and then, wearing their most creative fashion combinations, take their turn at modelling in our photo booth. Photos captured in this project represent the remarkable amount of artistic talent in Vancouver. Learn more at www.portobellowest.com.

Reality Photography

Reality Photography. Who: My name is Linsey Hulls. I am a moment catcher. I capture intimate moments in time by immersing myself into a day in the life of my subject(s). Through years of photographing weddings, I’ve developed the discipline, speed and ability to capture moments and ensure they’re properly exposed. What: Reality Photography is unscripted visual storytelling featuring extraordinary people in their ordinary lives. My style is a cross between paparazzi photos and overly styled images. I want my subjects to look and feel amazing, but I also want them to be “Real”. Why? Social Responsibility! I want my name to be synonymous with Conscious Advertising. When consumers look at my images, they can trust that they’re real. I use very minimal Photoshop. Images are strictly retouched in exposures, levels, sharpening, minor smoothing of shadow lines and brightened eyes. There is absolutely no body morphing; the digital alteration of the human body. Body morphing promotes unrealistic expectations of body image in men, woman, boys and girls; which can potentially lead to low self-esteem and eating disorders. The Process: Commercial: I spend a day with your company and its employees, capturing images that create a personal connection with your clients. Celebrity: I capture images of celebrities and inspirational people in their true habitat. Fashion/Advertorial: Using the clothing as a focal point, I observe and capture the models in their daily life wearing couture. Learn more about Linsey at www.linseyhulls.com.

Reflections 2012

Reflections 2012 is a collection of Vancouver scenic paintings created by second year students in the IDEA Program. The spirit and colour of our west coast community inspired the original work featured on high quality art calendars, cards, and buttons. The students manage the entire initiative from exhibiting their unique paintings, to the design, production and marketing of their art products. The goal is to raise funds to support their education and continued cultural enrichment. Drop by their booth to check out the work of these budding artists, perhaps purchase a calendar, and make yourself a cool button as a keepsake of this year’s CREATIVEMIX! Learn more at www.capreflections.com.

Education Partner

Langara College. This is not just a college. It’s a springboard. It’s a catalyst. It’s conversations as well as lectures. Students instead of numbers. A compass to help you navigate the great beyond. It’s not the start, or the finish. It’s a makeover for your mind. This is Langara. The college of higher learning. The CREATIVEMIX display will feature one of Langara’s photo students – the very talented Marianela Capelo. Learn more at www.langara.bc.ca.

The Grow Project

Grow. This public art project situated on the periphery of the Olympic Village in South East False Creek, Vancouver. Presented by Other Sights – a non-profit society dedicated to challenging perceptions, encouraging discourse and promoting individual perspectives about shared social spaces. Other Sights seeks to create a presence for art in spaces and sites that are accessible to a broad public, such as the built environment, communications technologies, the media, and the street. The display will incorporate elements such as graphics, wooden palettes, crates, soil and plants to create an engaging, interactive experience where people can sink their hands into the soil and consider re-shaping the urban environment. Learn more at www.grow-urbanagricultureproject.ca.