Paint On Canvas

raw-canvasWhile enjoying the Creative Exhibition, if the mood strikes, grab a smock and make your way into the painting area. Buy a blank canvas, we will provide the paint, brushes and everything you’ll need to free your inner artist. Their resident artists will provide encouragement, insight and inspiration to aid you throughout your creative journey.

Thanks to Paige Faraci and our very own Steve Merkley, Yaletown’s best kept secret, Raw Canvas, is coming to CREATIVEMIX! Like a beacon in the night; like a creative oasis in a dessert of retail mania and extravagant restaurants, Raw Canvas is a social destination, it’s gathering point for life-loving humans (artists and non-artists alike) to express themselves freely within the creative process. Their satellite painting station in the exhibition hall will be a great place to hang out before or after your favourite conference session. Lunch time will be the most popular for sure.