Short Films


It’s like a mini-film fest! Throughout the day our CREATIVEMIX short film theatre will feature films by some amazing Vancouverites. Here’s the list of directors, their film titles, and a synopsis for each:

Dir: Jamie Travis

Patterns 3 – A vibrant split-screen musical. A finale to The Patterns Trilogy
The Saddest Boy in the World – Timothy Higgins, the saddest boy in the world, prepares to hang himself at his ninth birthday party

Dir: Jesse McKeown

The Big Charade – A haunted Charades champ hunts for his father’s killer in this mock trailer

Dir: Dylan Akio Smith

Man Feel Pain – Upon nailing his hand to the wall, a young man is discovered by neighbours who are eager to let him take on ever-greater doses of their pain

Dir: Bienvenido Cruz

Dancers (A Music Video) - Music video for the song “Dancers”, by Circlesquare

Dir: Michelle Porter

Regarding Sarah – An elderly woman desperately tries to record her life before she forgets it

Dir: Aren Hansen

White Vans - A docudrama that confronts Vancouver’s problem with bike thieves

Dir: Matthew Swanson

Hiro – After a chance encounter with a young girl, a shy Japanese insect collector finds himself thrust into a wild chase to recover a stolen beetle

Dir: Salazar

Old World Lies (A Music Video) -  by Brasstronaut

Dir: Randall Okita

Machine with Wishbone - Using camera choreography, photo sculpture, and kinetic sculpture, we experience the tale of a stoic mechanical wishbone on its journey through a world of snoring beds, paper birds, and places you have to see to believe


Note: CREATIVEMIX and its organizers would like to thank all of the directors for letting us screen these wonderful short films. We’re honoured and inspired by their creativity. Our deepest gratitude is also extended to our film adviser A.J. Bond.