Keynote Speakers Announced

October 4th, 2011

CREATIVEMIX is proud to present its 2011 speaker roster. This year’s invited speakers are an amazing blend of successful and talented creative professionals who can deliver the goods. They’re an accomplished bunch and we’re confident that you’ll be inspired and challenged by these Vancouver-based artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs:

  • Hiro Kanagawa (TV/Film/Theatre)
    His IMDB page is longer than… well, it’s really long! X-Files! Smallville! And don’t even get us started on his stage work.
  • TJ Galda (Digital Arts)
    His work at Electronic Arts doesn’t even begin to convey his skills and passions; he’s got his fingers in a whole bunch of pies.
  • Ian Grais (Marketing and Advertising)
    Ranked the number one art director and the number one co-creative director in the country for the past decade. Geesh.
  • Graeme Berglund (Art and Design)
    Talented, renowned, and the dude that we all know and love from The Cheaper Show. He’s infected with collaboration-itus.
  • Mara Gottler (Costume Design and Fashion)
    The consummate pro. Designed “The Tempest” with Robert Lepage. Has her own clothing line. Coolio!
  • Dave Delnea (Commercial Photography)
    One creative SOB! An advertising photographer and creative collaboration advocate who lands the coolest gigs.
  • Ben Kadel (Social Psychology)
    Our secret weapon. He helps creatives do important work (AKA find their sweet spot) and avoid being misunderstood or a martyr.
  • Animal (Muppet and Musician)
    Just kidding, we’ll announce the eighth presenter shortly.

These keynote speakers will share their thoughts on creativity and collaboration. They’ll provide tangible insights into how you can grow your creative potential. This is not a show-n-tell event, they’ve been charged with the mandate of helping you in your effort to be creative and productive within the context of community.

This one-day conference is a professional development event that focuses exclusively on creativity, collaboration, and community. It’s industry agnostic and it’s the most exciting conference in Vancouver for emerging and established professionals, artists, and small businesses that embrace the task of doing creative work.

Conference Update

We’ll be announcing a few more things over the next few weeks (eighth keynote presentation, live music line-up, featured exhibitors, and more). Online registration is available and due to the fact that we’re expecting a sell-out you’ll want to purchase your tickets sooner than later (seriously).

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