CREATIVEMIX is proud to announce Jasper Sloan Yip and Maria in the Shower as a special musical guests at this year’s conference. Here are the details:

DATE: November 3, 2011
LOCATION: The Roundhouse Community Arts Centre (Yaletown)
VENUE: The MIX Lounge Stage
COST: Free

Jasper Sloan Yip
TIME: 12:30pm

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“Jasper’s songs are earnest pop. They evoke a lyrical space that reveals the character of a Pacific metropolis – openness and depth in the presence of looming mountains, dazzling glass, steel and unending surf. These are songs of yearning for rooted connection in the urban setting, sung by a heart that bleeds. Jasper’s tenor vibrato, at times a breathless whisper, at times a warbled cry, both the timbre of a soul having seen its share of hurt and celebrating it’s return to joy.” – Jay Blackwood, NXEW, Live Music Project

Maria in the Shower
TIME: 4:15pm

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Maria in the Shower is Vancouver’s legendary folk cabaret band – wandering minstrels, entertainers cut from old cloth, storytellers traveling often and gathering tales as they go. You will find them at festivals and concert halls, house concerts and in the street. There are many roads ahead and many stories still to be discovered… onward the journey goes.