David Robertson

robertsonx170The Dirty Little Secrets of Creativity

For now over fifteen years Canadian born David Robertson has successfully pursued a career in the culinary industry, building a strong reputation as a passionate, engaging chef, an outstanding food stylist, and an excellent, inspiring tutor. From his solid background and training in classical French fine dining, David’s passion for new flavors and foods has taken him all over the world in his pursuit to expand his culinary repertoire and skills. Upon his arrival in Vancouver in 2004, David became the Chef-de-Cuisine at the (then) newly opened Belgian restaurant ‘Chambar’ where he helped create one of the city’s most popular and celebrated restaurants.

Throughout his career David has come to realize that he does not only love food, but that he loves teaching people about food. His infectious enthusiasm for the products he uses and a patient nature are the perfect blend of ingredients to help him in his newest venture – The Dirty Apron Cooking School.  In partnership with his wife Sara, as well as Nico and Karri Schuermans, the owners of Chambar, David is in the process of fulfilling his dream by building the much-anticipated new cooking school in a beautifully restored heritage building in Vancouver’s Crosstown area.

Learn more at: DirtyApron.com

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