Dylan Brown

Session 1 (10:05am)

Presentation: Creating a Creative Environment

About Dylan: Dylan joined Pixar Animation Studios in 1995 to work on the image compression and color mapping for the Toy Story Animated Story Book and the Toy Story Activity Center CD-ROM. He then moved into the animation department where he worked on Flick, along with others, as an animator on A Bug’s Life. Dylan’s role expanded to directing animator on Toy Story 2 where he provided team leadership and support while animating primarily Buzz Lightyear. After Toy Story 2, Dylan oversaw all of the animation in Finding Nemo and later, Ratatouille, as supervising animator. On both of these films Dylan supervised animation teams of over 50 people. His ability to bring characters to life and to deliver on the vision of Directors such as Andrew Stanton and Brad Bird is virtually unparalleled. He has animated many other classic Pixar characters including Sully and Boo from Monsters, Inc., Bob Parr from The Incredibles, and characters from the short films Presto, and Partly Cloudy.

In August of 2009, Dylan took on the new role of Creative Director for Pixar Canada. In this new position, Dylan is in charge of building a talented team in Vancouver that can deliver the high quality, world class animation that fans of Pixar have come to expect.

More: PixarCanada.com