Graeme Berglund

Graeme Berglund is one of the founding members that started The Cheaper Show in 2001. Graeme oversees the creative direction of The Cheaper Show and works collaboratively with The Cheaper Crew from the live event design to the curation. He is a local artist represented by the Douglas Udell Gallery in Western Canada. He has shown internationally with White Walls Gallery in San Francisco and the Toronto International Art Fair. He performs in the music project Illiterature and is a published writer. As a contributing illustrator to the Georgia Straight as well as various art magazines and international publications and with a body of work that encompasses sculpture, animation and design Graeme is an active member of the arts community in Vancouver. He is the Arts Editor for The Lab Magazine. Graeme Berglund, Jesse Savath and Katina Danabassis host a monthly dinner sponsored by Nuba called Thieves that promotes the connectivity of creative individuals in Vancouver. Along with Abbas Akhavan and Jeff Lee Petry, Graeme founded The Cartelera Talent House in Jan 2007 which houses 14 multi-disciplined artists in Mount Pleasant. He is Co-Director of Black and Yellow, a gallery space located in room 106 at The Waldorf Hotel.