Mark Shieh

Session 1 (9:35am)

Presentation: The Hyphen-States of Creativity

Creativity is about the hyphen. The act of creation is about not only connecting different ideas; but also bridging seemingly opposite states.

About Mark: Mark digs good places. He is the Founder and Director of Take Root, a network of companies passionate about using real estate to do good. His latest project is revitalizing River Market in New Westminster into a culinary destination for everyday foodies.

Mark began his exploration of commerce and culture with Disney. He worked as an Imagineer in Los Angeles developing new theme park experiences. Later, he was the Director of User Research at ECCO Design in New York leading new product development for Fortune 500 clients.

Mark has a BS in Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management, both from Stanford University. He was a Mayfield Entrepreneurship Fellow and has served on the Vancouver City Planning Commission. He currently serves on the board of the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery.

When you run into him, ask him about Take Playce, School of Chalk, and ramen.

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