Natalie Purschwitz

Session 2 (11:55am)

Presentation: Makeshift: Using Limits to Expand Possibility.

Having free license to do whatever you want can be very liberating. But it can also be extremely daunting – carte blanche so easily becomes a wet blanket. Natalie will walk us through some examples of how limitations have been used as a helpful device to hone in on something immediate and meaningful. She will illustrate that within a set of boundaries, the possibilities are in fact limitless.

About Natalie: Natalie Purschwitz is a person in your neighborhood (if your neighborhood is in Vancouver). She has shown her artwork, here and there, and has a random clothing line called Hunt & Gather. She has won some awards and been in all kinds of newspapers and magazines and stuff, and on TV a few times. She recently completed a one-year project called Makeshift, during which time she only wore things she made herself including all her shoes, accessories and clothing. She has a BFA in Intermedia from ECUAD and a BA in Archaeology from the U of Calgary. Her ‘practice’ is more like an anthropological case study.

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