Steve Merkely

stevex170Raw Canvas is his newest love. It’s a cafe, lounge, studio, gallery, and inspiration right in the heart of Yaletown. Steve and his team have created a gathering point for life-loving humans (artists and non-artists alike) to express themselves freely within the creative process. He believes that by fostering a soul-driven community that supports the cultivation and realization of the artist within that he’ll be able to contribute to building a community that celebrates life in all of its diversity.

Snipet from “Raw Canvas is an extraordinary social destination built on a vision of unbounded beauty in this world…and you are the creator. Come in, buy a canvas, grab some paints and get free. All day long, we serve the best coffee in the city (49th Parallel organic), gourmet eats and drinks. During the evening, sublime tapas, sweet treats, and the finest of beers and wines. Built on a vision of unbounded beauty in this world, and driven by the belief in the power of every individual’s unique creative expression, we are a place where people gather to share ideas and sentiment in order to deepen individual expression and amplify collective ideals.”

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