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Think & Drink Action

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Oh man! Am I so freakin’ excited! The guys at Storm Brewing are totally dialed in to our Think & Drink! We’ll have two of the best craft brews on tap and ice cold which means if you love the idea of drinking fresh, amazing, local beer at the end of a hard day conference-ing then you’re gonna have the time of your life! Good thing CREATIVEMIX is right next to the Canada Line.

Don’t worry – they’ll be wine too.

Remember – every dollar and every dime from the Think & Drink (5:00pm-6:30pm) go to support Arts Umbrella. Here’s a bit more about the beer we’ll have on tap:

While hugely popular in Scotland, this style of beer escapes most North Americans. Designed and brewed by the Scottish punk rocker David “Malty” Macanulty, this creamy, nutty, malty, dark ale is true to its origins. David drives James crazy over this beer, insisting on rigid fermentation temperatures, traditional mild hops for bittering, and even some weird caramelizing ritual as the kettle is being filled. The beer continues to undergo subtle evolutionary changes because the stubborn Scottish bastard will never be satisfied. 5% ABV

A true North German Style Pilsner. Light in body and packed full of Czech Saaz hops. The distinctive Pilsner aroma and dry, refreshing taste make a great accompaniment to a hot Vanouver day. 5% ABV

Poster Revealed

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

In about two weeks we’ll be spreading the word with this groovy poster! We’re really excited about the look and feel of this year’s design as it’s playful, eye-popping, and gives passer-byers a great snapshot of what to expect. If you want a poster of your own simply reach out and ask otherwise, keep an eye out for them and be sure to point at it and say in your outside voice “WOW! CREATIVEMIX! Neat. I’m going to go to that cool looking conference!” Thanks to the team at Hangar 18 Creative Group for their inspiration and effort in making this stunning visual tool.

Promo FAIL

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

In preparation for this year’s conference we’ve been brainstorming on ways to spread the word and continue building the brand of CREATIVEMIX. Some of the questions we’re asking are: Should we do the 100% recycled coffee sleeves again (they were cool, useful, but were a lot of work to distribute)? What about posters? Facebook ads are so 2007, should we just tweet our blog posts instead? How can we generate love and web traffic for those who help spread the word? Do you think people would join an affiliate program if we give them $10 for every ticket they helped us sell? How much is a colour ad? You’re kidding, right? And so on, and so on.

Now, for whatever reason, my brain got sidetracked the other day with all of the things that I HATE about events (and event-related marketing) and I went OFF on a mental tangent that produced some totally useless but funny images (at least to me, I giggled as I photoshoped). So, I’m going to call this a little window into everything that I think is sick and wrong with respect to events. Here’s some event promotion FAIL items that I’ve received in the past when attending an event, conference, or tradeshow – I thought it would be fun to stick our graphic on them; a couple at the end are just for fun – I got carried away.

Stress Squeeze Toy

Silly Putty

Logo Launcher

Logo Launcher

Game Cube


Credit Card

Snuggie Blanket

Pack of Smokes

Now I have to get back to work. The moral of the story is: cut out the crap.

We’re going to continue with what we did last year: keep things simple like not giving people a name badge or a printed program and making everyone use ceramic coffee cups filled with Ethical Bean Coffee – that kind of stuff. How we’re going to get people there is still being worked out. Chime in if you like.

So if you’re planning an event do the world a favour and don’t destroy the earth one tchotchke at a time. If you need gifts or giveaways for your event be smart and order it from Saul Good Gift Co.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert [This post can also be seen on The Red Wagon Blog]

2010 Conference Date

Monday, February 1st, 2010

calendar-icon-nov04Big news! CREATIVEMIX is coming back for another round! Thursday, November 4th. Remember that. Write that down. Tell other people.

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s happening and who’s speaking . . . well, we can’t tell you that. There’s a lot we can’t tell you right now but not because we don’t know. Well . . . maybe it’s because we don’t know, or maybe it’s because we’re busy connecting and collaborating with a lot of cool peeps right now and it wouldn’t be fair to let the cat out of the bag. There will be interesting and useful updates every couple weeks from here on out so be sure to sign-up for our e-mail newsletter (or the RSS feed); that way you don’t miss anything. We’re aiming to launch the program and open registration May 1st.

We CAN tell you that we’re adding workshops and will be hosting a contest for the exhibition. Oh, and the conference will again be at the cool-n-funky Roundhouse Community Arts Centre! Helpful eh?

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert & Eileen Rothe