That’s a Wrap!

November 7th, 2011

Images by Jeremy Lim

Wow! That was fun! The 2011 conference was an smash hit! Check-out Jeremy Lim’s Flickr set to get a feel for what took place and who was mixing it up! I’ve posted my opening remarks on

This event would not have happened without the leadership and support of the following people:

  • Eileen Rothe (super duper Co-Producer extraordinaire)
  • Boca del Lupo (Presenting partners who are to cool for school: Jay Dodge, Sherry Yoon, Carey Dodge, Kent Gallie, Craig Laven)
  • The Roundhouse (Marie Lopes, Matt Frankish, and “The Crew” – not a rap group)
  • Stephanie Kirby (the masterful event planner, make-things-happen-girl)
  • Destin Fall Haynes (making the deep-end look like a walk in the park)
  • All our volunteers! Oh man! What would we have done without you!
  • Jeremy Lim (memory maker and fabulous picture taker)
  • Michelle Sexton (Ethical Bean‘s coffee ambassador and bringer of ‘the good stuff’ – no, not that kind)
  • Bruno Gerves (Firefly Wines & Ales for the good, GOOD stuff – yep, that kind)
  • Kyle N. (Savoury Chef Foods – yum yummies – and all that!)
  • Crissy Arseneau (bringin’ the Opus Art Supply action for exhibitor Jose Rivas)
  • Jasper Sloan Yip (Mr. music has got the skills yo!)
  • Maria in the Shower (groovy tunes made that beer go fast)

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